Raising a teenager in todays world can be tough!


13 years ago when the doctor handed me my first born, little did I know what was coming. But instead I was caught up in a moment of absolute perfection, she was mine and there was nothing in the world that I wouldn't have done to protect and raise her with everything I possessed.

Being a young mum in these times is a constant struggle, societies endless expectation of what “mothers” should look like, how they should speak, dress, even how they should discipline their children. It’s the cherry on the top of all the other things that we have to endure and encounter as mothers.

I certainly am a young at heart, free spirited person with a zest for life. I love fashion, cafe stalking and a sneaky glass of wine over what sometimes can be rather interesting conversations. So how does this fit into my life raising a teenage daughter? My biggest lesson that I teach while enjoying the above and much more is how it can be done in a classy, respectful manner, never compromising yourself as a woman. Fashion: less is more - yes darling, cover up! The less you show the more appealing you look. Self Respect: never compromise this trait, people will treat you the way you treat yourself.

High school started this year and I could have sworn I was ready, I could do this! It’s only been 16 years since I was there? Not too much has changed, well that’s what I thought. My daughter was faced with undesirable questions and comments, “has your mum had plastic surgery?” “she looks so fake” “why does your mother dress like she is 18?” “she probably still clubs too.” “what your mum does for work isn't even a real job.”

My heart broke, because right up to that point I thought I was making my daughter proud by looking after myself and staying young at heart. These comments and questions did affect her, she was angry and hurt. Damage control kicked in for me, this could go two ways, 1- she could be forced into accepting the abuse and bullying every day, at my expense OR she could eventually resent me for what I looked like, I felt like I had failed as a mother. Something needed to be done…well nothing was done because it was at that very moment, she said to me, “Mum I'm so proud of you and I don't care what people say, you are my everything and their words don't define us.” 12 years of parenting paid off, I had raised a strong little lady with a heart of compassion and love. I was proud of my daughter, she protected me.

Her 13th birthday was fast approaching and I wanted to make her feel like an absolute princess, I planned it for 6 months prior, focusing on every detail possible, after all she needed to know how important and proud I was of her. With the help of some of Perth's finest creatives, I was able to create a fairytale birthday party. The party was absolute perfection and I most certainly could not have done it without them.


Here’s a massive THANK YOU to Jenne from Posh Little Cakes for the beautiful birthday cake and scrumptious macarons, Amy from A Little Bohemia for the stunning blooms, Lisa from Etched who created the most beautiful personalised cake topper, Kate from Blonde Baking Mama for her famous mouth watering cookies ( currently with one in hand) Carina form Carinas Kitchen for the gluten free/vegan desserts for a guest with special dietary requirements and the amazing Jess from Lace Petals & Hearts for the beautiful picnic tables - Ladies you all had a role in creating the most perfect day!


Posh Little Cakes | https://www.instagram.com/poshlittlecakes/
A Little Bohemia | https://www.instagram.com/a_littlebohemia/
Etched | https://www.instagram.com/_etched/
Blonde Baking Mama | https://www.instagram.com/blondebakingmama/
Carinas Kitchen | https://www.instagram.com/carinaskitchenperth/
Lace Petals & Hearts | https://www.instagram.com/lacepetalsandhearts/


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