Glass Metal Resin

"You know when you’re a kid and people ask ‘What are you going to be when you grow up?” Well I always said that I wanted to be an artist."

 At some point in my early teens it changed to photographer and then after going to Uni for a few years I gave up and tried to just be a 9to5 adult. After about 8 years of feeling like something better was going to come I just decided, screw it. What am I waiting for, I am the only one stopping myself. So I started researching resin and at the same time my mum gave me all her glass supplies as she no longer wanted them and GMR was born shortly after. I am mostly self taught.


People want genuine and they appreciate your why. Its easy to worry about what people want and try to change what you are doing to please them or to  get higher ratings but this doesn’t work. Obviously having beautiful photos is important but if you don’t genuinely care about what you’re doing then your clients wont either. 

As an artist I am unique in that I can preserve flowers (almost any flower) and place it resin which is cast onto glass. There are other resin artists that create jewelry but none that I have found who create wall art. Further to this the fact that I can use my artistic findings and processes to preserve wedding flowers and create artwork that protects and beautifully displays them is quite different to anything that is currently on the Perth market.  

I am really interested in the small details like the little flowers and things that you don’t normally notice because we focus on the full blooms. I love the little buds, tiny new leaves and tiny petals that are hidden in the very center of the rose where no one ever sees them. These become the heros in my artwork which I think is my signature…Or maybe it’s the clarity of my work? I try to make work that captures light. Im not sure to be honest. 

My son Henry is one and a half years old and is a huge supporter, influencer and motivator for my work. I always said I wanted to be able to work from home as an artist, so I could get as much time with him as possible. This has been way harder then I thought but its still the best job I have ever had. I get most of my work done during his naps and then after he goes to bed. I am often in the studio till 11pm and then he wakes me up at 5.30am and we do it all again. It’s a fine balance but Thursdays and Fridays he goes to day care and I get to work all day which is how I manage it all. 

Before GMR I wasn’t to sure what I wanted. Out of school I studied a year in Art, then photography and then Engineering which all influence my work now but were not the careers I wanted. I worked at a turf farm for a few years where I learnt a lot about horticulture and then as a System Support Analyst for a software company. My main role here was to solve user problems, tests software and help people use it. This was a lot of fun but not quite creative enough for me. 

When GMR started I was designing and making pendant lights and so I thought a business name would be better then my own as an artist. But I haven’t made lights since having Henry as its too loud and hazardous to have in the house with a buba. This is completely fine of course because I am in love with resin and plants and have years of exploration to do before I will want to think about designing lights if at all. Glass Metal Resin just sounded right and I thought It might help people see at a glance what I do as its not often you see these three mediums together.  

Trying to find enough time to provide a professional high quality service to clients, create high quality finish on my artwork and continue to create artwork for fun whilst also meeting my sons needs both physically and emotionally. It is so much easier to shut the studio door and get to work then it is sometimes to engage in the wiggles or talking about snails or potty training. Having said this engaging with Henry and trying to see the world through his eyes helps me to stay present and to appreciate how amazing our world truly is which is a big part of the inspo behind my work. 

Who do you look upto for inspiration or admire for their Business growth? Because my work is out of the box I have maybe a few more influencers that do what they do really well or see the world in a different way. In the art world I love Josie Lewis, Mike Hammer and Woodlucker who all create work that inspires me. In design I love Caroline Khoo who runs Nectar and Stone, Emma Matthews from Onyx and Smoke as both of them have stunning products which are always on point with marketing and they are both mumas. I also follow Floral State, Statement Floral design and Matthew Landers who are all florists who have very different approaches to their work but are slaying in their fields. 

IMG_20171125_081525_363 (1).jpg

DO IT! ! Be honest with yourself and with your clients. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or experiment with ideas. You will never know until you try. Most importantly invest in the knowledge of others. Google is great but everything you want to know is not on the internet. 

My goal is to be able to complete two wedding commissions ever month next year whilst also exhibiting my artwork at least twice.  I would also like to see my artwork in a few more shops around Perth.

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I could not live without….
my senses. I started by saying my eyes because if I couldn’t see all the wonders of the world I would really struggle. I get so much pleasure from this. But if I am honest with myself I have to say my senses. If I couldn’t sing, touch, taste different food, listen to music and smell coffee and flowers I wouldn’t feel like I was living. Lol is this too literal…

You will never find me ……..Clubbing..Not my scene thanks. Studio time please and thankyou

On Sundays you will find me….In the studio or at the park with Henry and my dog. 

Your most annoying habit…I am a perfectionist. I always want to do better and bigger which drives my husband and Mum nuts because I make everything harder then it needs to be. I am learning 

If I win a million dollars I would….Pay off my house, finish my garden so it has a sand patch, lots of trees and cubby house for Henry, buy a freeze dryer and hire a cleaner for as long as possible.

Your biggest weakness….Chocolate and flowers

Your favorite WA Store….The Green Quarter

Your favorite WA restaurant…Yahava