As a business owner, it is essential to constantly reassess your business, plan a marketing strategy and brainstorm new concepts
to help you strengthen your business for the financial year ahead.

All 3-hour consults - $900 (+gst)



Why spend 3 hours with me?

There are so many start-ups, coaches and consultants out there teaching others how to run a business... there are so many start-ups teaching start-ups! However, my strength is that I have built four successful small businesses locally over the last 15 years - with almost no marketing budgets. Clients come to me as I am known for being honest, tough and realistic. Combine this with my business, marketing and media strategies and I can help business owners find a new confidence in the direction ahead. 

I have experience in marketing, pricing, excelling your business and growth, plus of course social media. I can also help teach you to do your own influencer engagement and generate brand awareness. It helps to have someone to guide you, challenge you and also support you on the business journey!

Consulting packages are specifically tailored to the style of your business, whether you are just starting out or you've been in business for a while, I will help you evolve and develop further.

Below are some suggested topics - We can of course do a combination of all levels depending on your business needs.

The start-up package

Designed for those with a great business idea, limited budget and the passion to kick it off in the right direction!

I have been just where you are now... twice!! Both times I have built amazing businesses out of nothing but a drive to succeed and clever marketing ideas on a very tiny budget. We drive your business to launch and grow with an impact in the first 12 months of trade.

Together we will:

  • Define your point of difference and business values

  • Identify your target market and discover why this is so essential to know

  • Identify your competition and find your strengths against theirs

  • Excel your start-up growth via social media

  • Get sales coming in asap to help fund your next move

  • Create a social media strategy and set up your content/bio if you haven't yet

  • Map out your self-hosted website (or create a guide to pass on to your website designer)

  • Create a marketing plan to grow your new small business

  • Place value on your time, your product and your service as a business

The game changer package

Your business is established, but you know you need to make some changes to continue to grow and add strength to your business.

We look at new ways to increase sales, create business awareness and connect with like-minded creatives to form strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Together we will:

  • Look at your current business and identify areas that we can grow, and areas that may need to be let go

  • Look over your branding, social media impact and how effective your website is with fresh eyes

  • Brainstorm new ideas and directions your business can take

  • Create a social media strategy

  • Investigate local Influencers to work with to build your business

  • Identify collaboration opportunities to benefit your business

  • Look at your current staff policies, targets and procedures and amend, if applicable


Private Consult meetings take place at tpc hq in subiaco 

All 3-hour consults - $900 (+gst)

Call Out Fee of $200 (+gst) if You would like Me to Come to You

Our Studio is located in Subiaco with free 3 hour parking.

Additional information will be supplied with your booking