In 2018 I will be Hosting TPC Workshops in the State Buildings. All workshops will include valet parking & refreshments. 
We will kick off with Night School - a 3 week program where you come once per week and we cover The Start Up Creative, Social Media 1 and Social Media 2 at a discounted rate. Normal Workshops will also be running. 
Dates to be announced - join our email list to be the first to know when they launch. Limited to 10 people in each workshop. 


3 hours | $180 +gst | Work Books, Morning Tea + Refreshments
Topics covered:

  • Why you should use Social Media as a Marketing Tool for your Small Business 
  • Why 
  • Content: What makes an engaging feed?
  • Design: How to stand out from the crowds 
  • Why I recommend only posting in square formate
  • Apps: My Favorites
  • Hashtags: know your hashtags and how to use them to grow an organic account quickly
  • Why connect with platform accounts
  • Numbers: How to build an organic following
  • Engagement: Interacting and growing rapport with your social media followers
  • Making sales: How to leverage your social media following into sales opportunities for your small business
  • Timing: When to post for maximum exposure
  • Statistics: What I use outside of Instagram to understand and pin point my market
  • Connection: Who to follow and how to build relationships - how I great The Perth Collective, Organically so quickly
  • Brand building: How social media can create and/or reinforce your brand identity
  • Competitions, loop giveaways: I give my insights
  • Facebook
  • Whats new: Insta Stories, Links, Videos, the changing algorithms
  • 7 day action plan 


social media level 2

3 hours | $180 +gst | Work Books, Morning Tea + Refreshments
Topics Covered

  • What is the difference between a Brand Rep, Brand Enthusiast, Micro Influencer & Influencer
  • What is a Media Kit? What should I look for?
  • How to find the right Influencer for your business (who doesn’t have paid followers, paid likes or a false engagement!!)
  • What should I pay for a local influencer? What is a guide to exchange value?
  • Identifying what you want out of the agreement (brand building, sales etc)
  • How to approach and propose an exchange
  • Example template for an influencer exchange / payment
  • T&Cs you must have to ensure you get your agreed return
  • Making the most of working with an Influencer
  • Agreements for Influencers, Brand Reps + Enthusiasts
  • COLLABORATIONS - Reasons to collaborate
  • How to identify businesses to collaborate with
  • How to collaborate on products, events and photoshoots
  • What you should avoid in collaboration
  • How to say no to collaborations without damaging the relationship
  • A guide to photography copy right and limitations on image use
  • Example template for a collaboration
  • T&Cs to include for the collaborations
  • How to handle a collaboration that isn’t going to plan including if you are not happy with the outcome and would like to remove your business from the credits
  • Marketing your collaborations

iphone photography

3 hours | $180 +gst | Work Books, Morning Tea + Refreshments

Topics Covered:

  • How to shoot beautiful images from an iphone
  • How to style products
  • Tips and Tricks
  • What to use when styling
  • Editing on your iphone
  • Editing with apps and what We use
  • Photography perspectives
  • How to make your products shine
  • Flatlay Techniques
  • Detail Shots
  • How to watermark your images creatively
  • What is Negative Space and how do I create it
  • How to store images for later use
  • Upto 10 products from your business
  • Upto 10 styling items ideas include material, rocks, books, watches, trivets, bags, textured placemats, copper items etc
  • Upto 10 foliage items including flowers & leaves

the start up creative

3 hours | $180 +gst | Work Books, Morning Tea + Refreshments

Topics Covered:

  • How to start - the basics what you need
  • Websites - the essential to a great website
  • Website Platforms- which is the best for your business
  • Setting Up Your Social Media
  • Streamline your Social media platforms
  • Pricing your services or products for retail and wholesale
  • Discover your point of different
  • How to value your time
  • Budgeting for a start up
  • Identify your target market
  • Connecting with your target market
  • Free Marketing & PR ideas
  • How do I start to generate sales? 
  • Should I work with Influencers straight up?
  • Collaborating and connecting to empower your brand
  • How to adapt and scale as you grow