CORSAIRE Social Media Level 2 28.3.18


CORSAIRE Social Media Level 2 28.3.18


CORSAIRE Social Media Level 2
Wednesday 28th of March at 10.30am @ Corsaire

3 hours | $180 +gst | Work Books, Morning Tea + Refreshments
Topics Covered

  • What is the difference between a Brand Rep, Brand Enthusiast, Micro Influencer & Influencer
  • What is a Media Kit? What should I look for?
  • How to find the right Influencer for your business (who doesn’t have paid followers, paid likes or a false engagement!!)
  • What should I pay for a local influencer? What is a guide to exchange value?
  • Identifying what you want out of the agreement (brand building, sales etc)
  • How to approach and propose an exchange
  • Example template for an influencer exchange / payment
  • T&Cs you must have to ensure you get your agreed return
  • Making the most of working with an Influencer
  • Agreements for Influencers, Brand Reps + Enthusiasts
  • COLLABORATIONS - Reasons to collaborate
  • How to identify businesses to collaborate with
  • How to collaborate on products, events and photoshoots
  • What you should avoid in collaboration
  • How to say no to collaborations without damaging the relationship
  • A guide to photography copy right and limitations on image use
  • Example template for a collaboration
  • T&Cs to include for the collaborations
  • How to handle a collaboration that isn’t going to plan including if you are not happy with the outcome and would like to remove your business from the credits
  • Marketing your collaborations
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