In 2018 we are continuing to run and host The Perth Collective workshops. Workshops are not only educational, they are also a great opportunity to network and meet other like-minded WA creatives and to form new connections and business opportunities. The Perth Collective has been running workshops on Social Media, iPhone Photography, and Influencer Marketing since 2016. Founder Nikki Milne saw a gap in the market for education, direction and guidance for female entrepreneurs and small start-up businesses - particularly in the area of digital marketing and PR, which is continually changing and can be difficult to navigate.



TPC Workshop are run quarterly in perth

To register your name for the next set of workshops please email


social media level 1

3 hours | $200 +gst | WorkBooks | Morning Tea + Refreshments | BONUS 90- PAGE EBOOK ON SOCIAL MEDIA strategy

Topics covered:

  • Social Media: Why you should use it as a marketing tool for your small business

  • Content: What makes an engaging feed?

  • Design: How to stand out online

  • Apps: My favourites

  • Hashtags: Know your hashtags and how to use them to grow an organic account quickly

  • Platform accounts: Why you should connect with them

  • Numbers: How to build an organic following

  • Engagement: Interacting and growing rapport with your social media followers

  • Making sales: How to leverage your social media following into sales opportunities for your small business

  • Timing: When to post for maximum exposure

  • Statistics: What I use outside of Instagram to understand and pinpoint my market

  • Connection: Who to follow and how to build relationships - how I grew TPC organically so quickly

  • Brand-building: How social media can create and/or reinforce your brand identity

  • Competitions, loop giveaways: I give my insights

  • Facebook: How to use it for results

  • What's new: Insta Stories, links, videos, the changing algorithms

  • What to do next: 7-day action plan


social media level 2

3 hours | $200 +gst | WorkBooks | Morning Tea + Refreshments | BONUS 90- PAGE EBOOK ON SOCIAL MEDIA strategy

Topics covered:

  • What is the difference between a Brand Rep, Brand Enthusiast, Micro Influencer and Influencer?

  • What is a Media Kit? What should I look for?

  • How to find the right Influencer for your business (who doesn’t have paid followers, paid likes or a false engagement!)

  • What should I pay for a local influencer? What is a guide to exchange value? Example templates

  • Identifying what you want out of the agreement (brand-building, sales, etc)

  • How to approach and propose an exchange

  • T&C's you must have to ensure you get your agreed return

  • Making the most of working with an Influencer

  • Agreements for Influencers, Brand Reps and Enthusiasts

  • Collaborations: Reasons to collaborate and how it works

  • How to identify businesses to collaborate with

  • How to collaborate on products, events and photoshoots

  • What you should avoid in collaboration

  • How to say no to collaborations without damaging the relationship

  • A guide to photography copyright and limitations on image use

  • Example template for a collaboration and T&Cs

  • How to handle a collaboration that isn’t going to plan, including if you are not happy with the outcome and would like to remove your business from the credits

  • Marketing your collaborations


iphone photography

3 hours | $200 +gst | WorkBooks | Morning Tea + Refreshments

Topics covered:

  • How to shoot beautiful images from an iPhone

  • How to style products

  • Tips and tricks

  • What to use when styling

  • Editing on your iPhone and which apps to use

  • Photography perspectives

  • How to make your products shine

  • Flatlay techniques

  • Detail shots

  • How to watermark your images creatively

  • What is negative space and how do I create it

  • How to store images for later use

What to bring:

  • Up to 10 products from your business

  • Up to 10 styling items - ideas include fabric, rocks, books, watches, trivets, bags, textured placemats, copper items, etc.

  • Up to 10 foliage items, including flowers and leaves


the start-up creative

3 hours | $200 +gst | WorkBooks | Morning Tea + Refreshments

Topics covered:

  • How to start - the basics and what you'll need

  • Websites - the essentials for a great website and which platforms to use

  • Setting up and streamlining your social media platforms

  • Pricing your services or products for retail and wholesale

  • Discover your point of difference

  • How to value your time

  • Budgeting for a start-up

  • Identify and connect with your target market

  • Marketing and PR ideas

  • How to start generating sales

  • Should I work with Influencers straight up?

  • Collaborating and connecting to empower your brand

  • How to adapt and scale as you grow